Episode 126 features the one and only Okc Cake Lady. This episode is special because she is the first woman guest to record live at Creators Create Studio. It was essential to Brandy to have an outstanding woman creator on the show, and Okc Cake Lady is just that. Her cakes are truly epic, and her intrinsic attention to detail is unmatched. She has decorated cakes that are crown royal bottles, designer bags, Jordan shoes, a corvette, and even blunts and bongs. The wedding cakes she creates are elegant and regal, and she hopes to focus more on wedding cake orders. Her imagination soars and her passion for decorating pours into the cakes. Brandy and Okc Cake Lady discuss her upbringing in Oklahoma City and how she got started in the baking industry. She began working in bakeries at Albertson’s and Crest and explains how an unfortunate event led her to focus on her business full-time. Despite any challenges she has faced in the past, she has been able to overcome with grace. Her astonishing work speaks for itself and she has nearly 50,000 likes on Facebook. She also shares what is next up for her business and talks of possibly appearing on television in the future. The listeners will be able to hear the joy that she has regarding her company and the love that she has for cake decorating. She also credits her customers for aiding in her success. If you need a cake for any occasion, Okc Cake Lady is highly recommended. She can be reached for inquiries at the following:

Email- okccakelady@yahoo.com

Facebook: @Okccakelady

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