Two years ago I had a dream. God spoke to me in my dream and told me to be the voice for my people. He wanted me to display how brilliant we are- he wanted to say black excellence but didn’t lol. I was scared just by the thought, but I did the work. It is now 100 episodes later and I am glad I listened. I have come a long way to get here mentally. Growing up, I was made fun of my name and how I talked. I flipped it and have them talking like me and now my name is my brand. Manifestation is real. The way you speak and the way you think has to power to either help you or hinder you. I only want the best for my people. I set out to do what I wanted to do. My goal is to give people the information they are looking for to provide that boost to start whatever they are scared to start. I am here to give you the motivation and assurance that you can do anything you put your mind to. I led by example and did just that. There are gems in these episodes. If you apply them to your life daily, you will start to see the change. My podcast was never for likes or shares. I never made a dime off of the podcast. I invested in my brand and spend over 2 bands to get the right equipment. This is something I believe in and I wanted to get the right equipment so you can receive it in a way you can digest fully. I sincerely thank you for the likes and shares. For the past two years I have stayed consistent by dropping every Wednesday. I take my time to prepare for the following week to ensure the highest level of quality. It feels good to be at 100 when I know how scared I was to start Episode 1. Stop thinking and just do it…whatever it may be. Thank you- Brandy Mayes.

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