A Shot of Brandy Podcast is a platform that allows successful entrepreneurs to tell their stories. However, have you ever thought about what it is like having parents who run their own business? Episode 127 captures a unique perspective from Daymon Tempson. Daymon’s parents (Chanel Tempson Harris and Chef Slawta Harris) own the Off the Hook restaurants in Oklahoma City. Daymon and Brandy chat about his upbringing and how his life changed as his parents business flourished from a food truck to two restaurants. Daymon is from Edmond, Oklahoma and graduated from John Marshall High School. He explains how he juggled playing sports as well as working for his parents while attending high school. Upon graduating, he had a tough decision to make. Should he go off to college and pursue an education or work for the family business full time?  Ultimately, he chose the latter and now has more responsibilities at Off the Hook. He discloses that working with family has its ups and downs. However, it has led to excellent opportunities such as networking and flying to Los Angeles, CA to appear with his family on the Food Network. Daymon also tells how the Corona Virus has affected business at Off the Hook.
This episode was recorded on Daymon’s 20th birthday, and he reveals what life is like now that he lives on his own. He also shares the work ethic and morals that his parents instilled in him, such as the value of hard work and being financially responsible. Daymon is a go-getter with a good head on his shoulders and an incredibly bright future. He hopes to follow in his parents’ footsteps and open his own business one day. Everyone is rooting for his success as he begins to carve his own path.

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