EP243: Saysha Orange

In this episode of A Shot of Brandy Podcast, we delve into the incredible life story of Saysha Orange. Saysha’s culinary journey began with her passion for food and creativity, leading her to pursue her dreams at culinary school. Little did she know that her path would take an unexpected turn during the COVID-19 pandemic. Saysha’s entrepreneurial spirit shined brightly as she launched “Get Dipped,” a birria taco business that quickly became a local sensation.  Amid her success, life had more challenges in store for her. Saysha received a devastating stage 4 cervical cancer diagnosis, leading to grueling rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.  She openly shares her fears but explains how she remained steadfast in her faith. She discusses the importance of having health insurance and regularly getting full health check ups. Throughout this arduous journey, Saysha’s love for her husband,  children, friends and family served as prevailing motivators. Against all odds, Saysha emerged victorious and rang the bell at OU Cancer Center, symbolizing her triumphant battle against cancer. She credits God for her healing and is grateful for a second chance at life. This is a powerful episode and very motivational. She also shouts out everyone in Okc who showed her love during those difficult times.  As the episode concludes, Saysha also hints at exciting new ventures on the horizon, demonstrating that resilience, hope, and a sprinkle of creativity can turn adversity into opportunity. Facebook: 

Instagram: get_dipped_tacos

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