Episode 128 features a pioneer in the Oklahoma City rap game, Starr Lyfe.  He is originally from Long Beach, CA, and moved to Okc at the age of 14. Brandy and Starr Lyfe chat about how he initially began his rap career. Influenced by his cousin Chris Cutta and the Dallas rap group DSR; Starr Lyfe knew he not only wanted to rap, but he wanted to be the best at it. He shares the advice he received from Okc industry veterans J. Poe and Nitro. He spent a year honing his craft by practicing freestyles, studying hip-hop, and fearlessly entering rap battles. Starr Lyfe came out the gate dubbing himself the “King of Oklahoma.” He knew it would be controversial to proclaim that title and welcomed all challenges. This interview is hilarious as Starr Lyfe humorously shares the ups and downs that have occurred throughout his quest for stardom. He provides details on starting 6 G mafia, joining Presidential Traphouse, hustling CDs, stints in jail, nearly signing with Cash Money, entering freestyle shows in Atlanta, living in Vegas, other label deals and more. He has been blessed with the opportunity to work with artists such as K. Camp, Bankroll Fresh, Trina, and Plies.  Starr Lyfe is not only a talented rapper but also has the amazing ability to write for other artists. His pen game was responsible for writing for women rappers and he helped cultivate their unique sound. His artist Barbie Doll acquired 6 million views on Youtube.  Currently, Starr Lyfe is focusing on rebranding and venturing out to other genres of music such as Edm and Pop. He is also focused on his merchandise and clothing label Riich Life. He proudly represents Oklahoma and is determined to put Oklahoma on the map by making an impact on the music industry. His new movement entitled Lit Mob stands for Let’s Ignite Together Making Oklahoma Better. He states that he has no ego and encourages all Oklahoma artists to support each other. Starr Lyfe’s positive energy radiates throughout the show, and his hard work, determination, and will to win is transparent. Starr Lyfe’s stage name is perfect because he truly is just that….a star. Be on the lookout for his future projects.

Song Featured in this episode: Power by Starr Lyfe
Facebook: Starr Lyfe

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