EP129: The Return Of Scissorhands

Episode 129 features Scissorhands, owner of Fade N Up barbershops. Since appearing on the show in episode 75; Scissorhands has made major business moves. He has opened three additional locations, including Fade N Up Norman, Fade N Up Tinker, and Fade N Up Southside. Scissorhands and Brandy discuss all aspects of being an entrepreneur in the barber game, such as prospecting locations, “barber beef,” budgets, and hiring practices. Scissorhands now manages 38 employees and tells the importance of ensuring the staff is professional and cohesive. He also explains why opening the beauty salon did not go as initially planned. While known for his infectious personality, Scissorhands has a keen sense of business acumen and shares many tips throughout the show.  Although many feel he is a local celebrity, Scissorhands remains down to earth and humble. He shares how Covid-19 has affected his business and his personal life. However, his primary concern was for his barbers, which shows he genuinely cares about people. Scissorhands is like the unofficial mayor of the black community in Oklahoma City. Whether he is going viral on social media for helping others, cutting celebrities, or sharing words of wisdom- his primary goal is to be a blessing. His outstanding business practices, as well as philanthropic deeds, are the keys behind his achievements. Scissorhands is not only a businessman but a family man as well. He talks about how being a grandfather has changed him and the significance of family support. Scissorhands is a prominent figure in the black community, and his ascent to success is inspirational. He went from cutting hair in garages to owning four barbershop locations.  Coming from the small town of Atoka, Oklahoma, Scissorhands never imagined the impact he would have in Oklahoma City. However, he has profoundly impacted the lives of many as he continues to put himself and others in the position to win.

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