EP232: Corey Clark

Can you imagine being super athletic and then suddenly receiving life-altering news? Episode 232 features Corey Clark as he courageously shares his story. Corey details how he was a competitive basketball player while working hard to provide for his family. He started experiencing intense back pain that lingered despite chiropractic treatments.  He breaks down what occurred after being diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a rare bone cancer. He takes listeners on his journey, which includes various tests and, ultimately, two major surgeries that totaled 34 hours. While the path was tough, Corey remained encouraged and took it all in stride. He turned his pain into a brand by releasing an amazing shoe and apparel line titled Year of the Cane. Corey explains the insightful meaning behind the brand and how he maintains the perseverance to keep pushing forward. Corey’s story is truly inspiring, and he is working on a documentary with Video Hero chronicling his life. Many lessons can be learned from his testimony, such as not taking life for granted and getting health checkups regularly.  Corey has the strength of a warrior, which is evident in his endurance. He has the innate ability to make something positive out of a negative situation. The results of his hard work are not unnoticed; the Year of the Cane is not only dope but motivational as well. You can check out the Year of the Cane’s latest drops by visiting 10atybrand.com. Please support; and stay tuned for the release of Corey’s documentary!

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