EP60: Josh Hillard Pt. 5

Josh and Brandy link back up for Cognac Conversations Part V. The friends talk about past trauma, healing, and self-reflection. Not even six months after losing his brother, Josh talks about how he’s been processing the loss. From questioning God to moments of profound sadness, he describes fighting through the trauma and doing the work to come out better on the other side of healing. The two tackle other topics like what it means to be an authentic man, how important it is to consider why people do what they do rather than just the behavior itself, surrounding yourself with love, and operating in truth. Coming off of a Denver trip as a mentor for the Café Momentum program, Josh is entering his first year of law school at OCU. With such an influential and fast moving life, Brandy uses this episode to “check on his strong friend.” From mental wellness, to fully assessing the people in your circle, the two unpack some important gems.

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