EP116: The Return Of Chanel Tempson

What do restaurant owners do for Thanksgiving? Find out in this week’s Thanksgiving episode as Brandy interviews returning guest Chanel Harris. Chanel and her husband Corey own of one of Oklahoma City’s hottest restaurants, Off the Hook. Since her last appearance on the show, Off the Hook’s popularity has soared due to the couple’s appearances on The Food Network. Chanel discusses handling her newfound fame as well as the publicity garnered from being on television. Chanel remains humble despite the notoriety and high profile customers such as Jalen Hurts and Russell Westbrook. Everyone calls Chanel “boss lady,” but another moniker could be Superwoman. Chanel does it all, and she commands the respect she deserves. She elegantly juggles four businesses, managing finances and running her household with grace. She does not shy away from adversity, and candidly shares the obstacles that can occur with owning a business.  Chanel shares her plans for 2020 and hopes to appear on more TV shows with other networks to further expand their brand. At the end of the episode, Corey drops in to discuss the couple’s newest venture: Dope Foods Edible Company. Dope Foods will launch next year and will definitely be a game-changer in the edibles market. The Harris’s are truly inspirational, and they continue to put Oklahoma City on the map. 

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