EP77: Toben Townsend

On time for Thanksgiving, Brandy welcomes family back to the show. Toben and Brandy share more than three decades of memories. From 80’s babies to men, the two talk about their lives growing up between the Eastside and Edmond. Toben has evolved over the years. He talks to Brandy about trying acid as a teenager, realizing he was too caring to be a profitable drug dealer, and packing up for California unexpectedly. These days he’s working daily on his art. Though he is no stranger to a paper and pencil or canvas and paint, he’s been developing killer digital art skills through programs like Procreate on his iPad Pro. With eyes set on taking his work full time within the next year, he’s already fulfilling commission pieces and responding to requests from around the world. He’s been on a rap hiatus, but Toben has another project left in him. In the meantime, catch the freestyle he delivers live on air during this episode.

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