EP130: Roy “Music Man” Henderson

If you have attended a party in Oklahoma City, then most likely you have heard of Music Man. From providing the sounds at parties at the Plaza that were packed wall to wall, to becoming the voice of Trappy Hour, Roy “Music Man” Henderson has been the curator of vibes for Oklahoma City nightlife since the early 2000s. In this episode, Roy and Brandy discuss how Roy first ventured into deejaying. Roy gravitated to music naturally and shares how he earned his nickname “Music Man”.  While at Langston University, he initially made mixtapes and sold them on campus. He took a chance on himself by filling in for DJ K.O. even though he had never deejayed before. The party was a success and helped catapult him into being one of the most sought-after deejays in Okc. He has deejayed for any event you can think of including bachelor/bachelorette parties, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Langston University basketball games, wedding receptions, and even a funeral. He is the only Dj that has deejayed for the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Energy, and Oklahoma State University. He always brings high energy to every event and has the innate ability to keep the crowd entertained. He explains how he decided to monopolize on his talent by not only being the deejay but by promoting his events and throwing his own parties. He always represents for his people and gives several black-owned businesses a shout out on the show. In this interview, he humbly but rightfully admits how he is responsible for shaping the party scene in Oklahoma City. He also hints of possibly opening his own spot. However, he is waiting to see how the Covid-19 plays out. Roy also shares how the virus has affected his business and why he chooses not to deejay live on social media. One thing is for sure, his presence is greatly missed as we are all quarantined. Trappy Hour will definitely be the place to be when we are allowed back outside. The interview gets deep as Roy talks about a life changing event and how the near-fatal accident has changed him.  Roy “Music Man” Henderson is an integral part of Okc entertainment and his contributions to the culture cannot go unnoticed. His infectious personality coupled with his passion for music sets him apart from the rest and is why he remains in high demand. When the stay at home orders are lifted you can find him deejaying at the following:
Thursday: Twin Peaks on Memorial Rd. followed by Thursday Night Live at Ice Event Center
Friday: Trappy Hour at Ice Event Center

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