It’s Big SoufWess and he’s checking in with A Shot of Brandy Podcast for Episode 195. As the TIDY series continues, SoufwessDes makes his third appearance on the show. The talented rapper hails from Houston, Texas but continues to be one of Oklahoma City’s most popular artists. Brandy and SoufWessDes break down his latest project called Playoff Mentality.  He shares how overcoming a dark place aided in creating a classic. Playoff Mentality is straight fire with no skips and the Houston influence is prevalent throughout the album. Playoff Mentality finds SoufWessDes in his finest form with his lyricism, Houston swag, and creative content. This project accentuates his growth as an artist. It proves that SouthWessDes is not only the MVP but also ready for the championship. You can find SoufWessDes’ music on all streaming platforms. Do yourself a favor and go stream Playoff Mentality after you enjoy the episode.

Songs Featured in This Episode:

0:00 Isiah Thomas

2:00 Cash Envelope- SoufWessDes Feat. Skeem Fla’veir

4:12 Step On Em- SoufWessDes Feat. Pwap

6:50 No Way- SoufWessDes Feat. STK Peso

9:30 Grizzly – SoufWessDes Feat. Starr Lyfe

13:11 Greyhound

15:31 Trials & Tribulations

19:31 No Limit

21:50 Trap House Music- SoufWessDes Feat. Nayborhood Barbie

24:13 Picture Perfect

27:12- Pay Attention

29:31- Back Then

31:45- MVP Speech

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