EP172: The Return Of Alex Taylor

Podcasts are growing in popularity and this week’s episode features a seasoned veteran in the podcast game. Alex Taylor, friend of the show, returns to share updates since his last appearance. Alex’s podcast titled The Alexander Taylor Show is interview-based. He also shares his unique perspective on current trending topics. Alex’s interview style is laid back and conversational, yet he can chat with anyone and about any topic with ease. He has featured a variety of guests including therapists, herbalists, a local model, and entrepreneurs. Alex celebrated the 100th episode back in November and his show continues to flourish. Alex and Brandy chat regarding the trials and triumphs of pod life, the power of networking, social media, and Covid-19. The two also discuss how to be successful, staying true to yourself, and viral content creation. Alex also shares his goals for the future as he hopes to expand his marketing and branding. This episode is definitely one you do not want to miss as Brandy and Alex provide tips and insights that are useful to content creators and any business owner.  A Shot of Brandy Podcast supports all Black content creators, and The Alexander Taylor Show is dope with a fresh take on interviewing and current topics. Please support and check out his content as he continues to make strong contributions to the culture. The Alexander Taylor Show can be viewed on YouTube and all streaming platforms by searching The Alexander Taylor Show or by visiting the following link: https://linktr.ee/TheAlexanderTaylorShowInstagram: @TheAlexanderTaylorShow

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