EP93: Steve Davis Pt 3 – Making Of Men Conference Pt. 2

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.” —Martin Luther King Jr. How do men overcome the struggles to initiate change? These week’s episode provides tools that help uplift end empower men. Recorded live from the Making of Men Breakfast, listeners will be privy to hearing encouraging words from speakers and pastors within the Okc community. The Making of Men Breakfast was presented by Believe, Inc; founded by Steve Davis. The theme for the conference was “Why Great Men Fall’. Various topics such as stress, mental illness, depression, and grief are discussed openly and ways to master these trials are outlined. The dynamic speakers offer relatable biblical advice on how transparency can lead to transformation. This conference was by invitation only so it is an honor to share this episode. Hopefully it will minister to you and you will share with men who need it ad mental health for black men is critical.

Part I

Pastor Donald Woody Sr.- Topic: Why Great Men Fall

Pastor Derrick Walter-Topic: Compartmentalization

Part II

Lee Roland- Topic: Stress and Pressure

Pastor Booker- Topic: Depression and Moods

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