EP56: The Return Of Steve Davis w/ Sequoya Turner

Steve Davis and Sequoya Turner made a run for House District 99 and lost. But heir stories didn’t stop there. The two opponents turned friends have learned lessons from the journey and have begun thinking bigger than ever before. Steve is no stranger to the show, but Brandy welcomed newcomer, Sequoya Turner, to the studio to share her story alongside Davis. DHS Supervisor, turned political candidate, Sequoya was fed up with talking about reform and decided to do something about it after seeing Oklahoma’s teachers and state workers fighting for increased funding and support. The conversation covers running campaigns with integrity, the plight of Oklahoma’s classrooms, the moral dilemma of investing in private prisons, and why voting really matters. Looking at the school to prison pipeline, hopelessness beyond a child’s control, and moving outside of comfort zones, the new friends prepare to be the change, rather than settling for just discussing it.


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