EP131: The Return Of Muse Art

Picasso stated, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  This week, artist Marcus Muse returns to the show to discuss his artistry, his creative process, and how art can transcend time to heal. Muse was an early believer in the podcast and first appeared in episode 19. Since appearing on the show; Muse has transitioned to being more intentional with his tattoo artistry and talks with Brandy how that has affected his business. He also explains how pursuing his education to obtain his master’s degree has influenced his art. By bringing cultural awareness to African history, he is not only raising awareness but inspiring positive change. Muse now uses his art to educate as well as to connect to a higher purpose. He is relentless at creating avenues to push the culture forward. Muse strongly believes in the importance of supporting local artists and chats about his art shows. He collaborated with other artists to present Urban Hues: A Mixed Media Art Show. The show’s focus was to not only provide an opportunity for artists to join forces and display their talent, but also to bring a new vibe to Oklahoma City. This episode is full of gems that artists, curators, and anyone who needs motivation can relate to. Brandy and Muse discuss a variety of topics including the new generation of tattoo artists, veganism, minimalism, tattooing celebrities, and how the sun can also provide energy and healing. Muse also shares how Covid-19 has affected his business as well as the importance of ensuring that tattoo artists are safe and utilizing sterile equipment. With 16 years in the tattoo game in Okc, Muse is now focused on recollecting past memories throughout history and painting them. Muse expresses that “I want what I did to live on after.” His hard work, dedication, and genuine passion for art are not only evident but also motivational. His art, whether tattooing or painting makes profound statements and is breathtakingly stunning. His art will surely live on but for now, Muse will continue to captivate and inspire us all.  

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