EP134: The Return Of Joe McCormick

When Joe McCormick first appeared on A Shot of Brandy Podcast in episode 82; he was new to the tattoo game with only one year of experience. He spoke about his dream to hopefully own his own tattoo shop by the age of 30. Fast forward to Episode 134 and a little over a year later; Joe has spoken his dream into existence. He is now the proud owner of Ink Plug Tattoo Company located in the heart of Bricktown in Oklahoma City. Joe stops by the podcast to discuss the process of opening his own tattoo shop and the courage it took to take the leap of faith and open his own business. Joe is a talented tattoo artist and is in popular demand.  He is known for his vivid imagery of black and white portraits and stunning designs. His portraits look identical to the pictures and his attention to detail is unmatched. People often recognize his work which is a surefire sign of an amazing artist. He talks of his experiences with his high-profile clientele such as NBA All-Star Trae Young, Thunder guard Terrance Ferguson and University of Oklahoma receiver Jadon Haselwood to name a few. Joe and Brandy also converse on how they stay motivated and inspired while being in quarantine. He also shares how Covid-19 has affected his business and the new guidelines that are in place. He maintains that safety is a priority and all protocols will be followed to ensure the safety of all his clients.  Now that he can cross owning his own shop off of his list; Joe also divulges his future goals. While he is incredibly admired as one of the hottest tattoo artists in Okc, he hopes to make his name more prevalent throughout the industry nationwide. He would like to enter more competitions and travel to more tattoo conventions to continue to gain notoriety. He also plans to invest in other businesses in addition to growing his own brand. Joe would also love to show off his fun and outgoing personality on television. He is currently brainstorming on dropping a clothing line. Brandy agrees that showcasing his art on T-shirts would be phenomenal. As Joe’s talent continues to flourish; he is sure to excel in speaking these dreams into fruition as well.
www.worksbyjoe.comInstagram: @worksbyjoe

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