“Good” rap music, besides containing an infectious and danceable rhythm, must include entertaining and marketable content: rappers must speak to a common audience about stories or issues that engage the audience. In order to accomplish this need for theatrical entertainment, most rappers establish a persona in order to fabricate drama and characters in their rap lyrics. Today’s guest, Young C-No is defying odds by staying true to self and offering real lyricism with no gimmicks. He came all the way from Fort Worth, TX to chat with Brandy regarding his upbringing, entrance into the rap game, and his latest project entitled Contract Year.

C-No was born in Tucson, AZ but spent his formative years in Brooklyn, NY. Upon listening to his music, the heavy East Coast influence is evident. Music is in his bloodline as his great grandfather is the famous blues singer Sam Taylor is in the Blues Hall of Fame. His father, Casino Chip, is a talented rapper in his own right who won MTV’s Mixtape Artist of the Year in 2004. C-No discusses the advantages of having family within the industry and the special bond he shares with his father. He shares that he fell in love with hip hop after hearing 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin.

C-No attended West Virginia State University on a football scholarship. It was there that while obtaining two degrees that he began to take rap seriously and cultivate his sound. He dropped his first EP Free Agent in 2015 and then released Arizona’s Own in 2019. In this episode, C-No and Brandy break down his newest EP Contract Year. C-No’s lyrical ability is undeniable. He divulges how imperative it is for him to use his substantial vocabulary instead of cursing in his music. He shows versatility with a vivid storytelling record of pain in The Struggle and then switching to a fun upbeat record on Inbox. He has the ability to be vulnerable enough to share his sorrow while using clever wordplay. He has mastered the concept of authenticity and his impeccable talent is sure to grasp audiences.  In Contract Year he states “ I  aint begging you to feel this.” No begging necessary; you will feel his music. You can check out Contract Year on all streaming platforms. He has a full-length project on the way and other features coming soon. 

Music featured in this episode:

Young C-No- Contract Year 0:00

34:05 The Struggle

42:25 Inbox

Instagram: @Youngc_no

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