Hip-hop is a vessel used by some artists to herald the gospel, teach doctrine, and lead people in praise and worship. This week’s guest, Big Worm, states that he is not a Christian rapper but a rapper that is a Christian. Not only can Worm spit bars, but he is an extremely talented producer as well. His producing skills are top tier and many of his songs have gospel samples flipped with a trap beat and an uplifting message. In this episode, he discusses with Brandy his life experiences, evolution as an artist, creative process, and inspiration behind the music. Worm discloses that he started making beats and rapping at the age of 10 and performed at church. He shares insight on his transition to secular music and expresses why he does not want to be labeled. His lyrics are clever and brutally honest. He openly divulges obstacles he has faced in life such as heartache, job loss and mental health. His sincerity on his tracks makes him extremely relatable to listeners. Worm has the extraordinary ability to create music that encapsulates hope and you can easily draw motivation from his music. Worm and Brandy break down exclusive tracks from his soon to be released album called The Recipe. The Recipe will be available to purchase on 11/20/2020. In the meantime, you can check out Big Worm’s music on all streaming platforms. By taking a listen you will not only be blessed and encouraged but also impressed.

IG: Bigwormsdq

Website: www.bigwormmusic.com

Songs Featured In This Episode:

0:00 Friday 
50:26- Blessed
57:46- The Light 2k20
1:23:13 Bad News Bears

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