EP187: Mr. Ralph Sauce

A Shot of Brandy Podcast is starting off its summer season with a splash. This week’s episode features Mr. Ralph Sauce. Ralph Sauce is a part of popular Houston rapper Sauce Walka’s team. Ralph Sauce and Brandy first met in Houston back in 2013. In this interview, Ralph shares many H-Town stories. He discusses growing up in Houston with Sauce Walka and the early days of The Sauce Factory (TSF). He explains Houston’s influence on hip-hop culture and that this is only the beginning for TSF. He also details how the Drake beef did not deter them from continuing to be successful. Ralph Sauce recalls how they were able to build the label and brand amidst controversy. The two talk very candidly about the music industry and the ups and downs that are associated with the business. This interview is hilarious because of Ralph Sauce’s comedic narratives yet informative. Ralph Sauce dropped many gems during the episode. He gives sound advice to up-and-coming artists regarding honing their craft, work ethic, and staying focused. He encourages all artists to network and to stay true to who they are. Ralph Sauce is a true hustler who helped build TSF from the ground up. However, he has new projects in the works. Mr. Ralph Sauce states “Keep splashing and dripping; there’s more to come.”  Episode 187 is one you do not want to miss.

Instagram: Mr.ralph_sauce102

Song Featured in This Episode: 0:00- OK- Sauce Walka

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