EP192: Mayes XVI (4 Years)

4 Years of Podcasting, discipline, time sacrificed, hard-work, dedication, learning, understanding, patience, commitment, and staying true to self. My podcast is interview based with real life stories. My guests share stories of laughter, pain ,stress ,homelessness, heartbreak , heartache, being uninsured, the grind and so much more.  They share stories of the dedication and grind it takes to achieve your goals. They show us that anything is possible. At the end of every story, the moral is that they started/created what they sat out to do. That is what it’s all about; not talking about it but actually doing it. You will learn in the process. Nothing will  be perfect,  the timing or the creation. Start today.

Okc supports,Tulsa supports, McAlester, Lawton ,Enid, the entire state, it’s our time. Take advantage of opportunity in front of you.

Brandy Mayes

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