Episode 158 was recorded live on Venice Beach iand features Dennon Mitchell aka Dean Wean. He was an early supporter of the podcast and was on episode 26. Venice Beach is the perfect setting for this episode as this show is breezy, filled with liveliness, and fun.  Dean discusses the changes and growth that have occurred since his last appearance.  The world traveler is not only a motivational speaker but also an author, comedian, actor, clothing designer and family man. He chats with Brandy regarding his move to Los Angeles and transition into comedy, acting and YouTube. This interview is truly inspiring as Dean’s high vibrational energy is transparent. He drops gems on the importance of not settling, remaining consistent, and how to reach new levels in life. Never one to stay in one lane, Dean shares his plans to launch his new YouTube channel. It will showcase vlogs, motivational speaking, skits of characters, and comedy. Dean Wean is hilarious, dynamic, and talented beyond measure. We look forward to supporting Dean as his career continues to soar to higher heights. After hearing this episode, you will realize that Dean Wean is a star on the rise. Please listen if you need a laugh and/or need to be inspired. Be on the look for the Dean Wean Speakin YouTube channel dropping November 15th!

Instagram: @deanweanspeakin
Facebook: Dean Wean Speakin

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