Episode 160 features Ayilla; a singer/songwriter and business owner. It was recorded live in Tulsa at Love More Hookah while sipping Pade Tea. Ayilla gives an honest and introspective interview. She shares her artistry, details on starting her business, and how motherhood has enhanced her craft. Ayilla is from Tulsa, OK and is definitely putting on for the Town as she was recently featured on Baller Alert. Her melodic sound is super pleasant to the ear and her voice is as smooth as butter. Ayilla is definitely ill with the pen and explains how being in tune with her emotions fuels her songwriting. Not only is Ayilla an amazing artist, but she is also the proud owner of Love More Hookah. She provides insights on opening a business during the pandemic and how her hard work is what has garnered her success. Brandy and Ayilla also break down her latest EP entitled Witch Tape, which illustrates her growth. She also reveals her thoughts as she prepares for her upcoming five city tour. Ayilla is a remarkable artist whose music is like a breath of fresh air. All of Ayilla’s projects are available on all streaming platforms. For tour dates and more information, you can follow her on Instagram @eye.am.ayilla. Also, if in Tulsa, you can stop by Love More Hookah at 2314 East Admiral Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74110. Check out their Instagram @lovemorehookah for upcoming events. We look forward to hearing more from Ayilla in the future and please support her on tour if she is in your city! 

Songs featured in this episode:

0:00 You Lie

12:25- Lose Your Love- Feat. Jeezmino

21:43- Insecurities

49:12 Worship the Sky 

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