Dex Kwasi gives insight on The Africa Hustle and his desire to create and learn new things.

Born in Dallas but of Ghanaian decent, he talks about how his upbringing in both the states and Africa helped shape his confidence, but forced a fast upbringing.

With Africa and its culture propelling the conversation, Dex and Brandy discuss the misleading perspective that Americans have of Africa and why.

Brandy reminisces about meeting Dex, as N Dex the music guy, on OSU’s campus.

Though Snoop Dogg influenced his desire to do music it was the group, originated on OSU’s campus Black Face, which afforded him the opportunity to take music more seriously.

The rapper credits his manager and friend Lyle with a lot of his amazing opportunities, from early mixtape collaborations with Scissorhands and DJ Eddie Brasco to performing at SXSW.

Graduating from college in 2015 after studying Nutrition, the rapper/producer/video editor is currently dabbling in real estate while traveling to work on his first Afro beats project.

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