With influences from Curren$y and Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s a rapper, photographer, actor, and brand developer. Overall, Grand National is an artist with range. As a kid, he always knew he had the vision. Grand’s love for the East side and retro musings are well known, but he didn’t even plan on being a rapper. Once dots started to connect like having dreams of performing shows, free styling with friends in high school, routinely ending up in a recording studio, and a defining moment in New York’s Times Square, he knew it was time to take the craft seriously. Nowadays, he’s working on projects to drop this year, capturing moments on film with a camera from the 1970’s, and preparing to relocate to Long Beach, California with his team. Even though he recorded more than 100 songs last year, you can sort of tell the artist is just getting started. In fact, by the time his next project drops Grand will likely be on a beach somewhere in Cali already on the next wave.


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