While it may be freezing outside in Oklahoma City now, it will definitely be sizzling at one of the hottest parties of the year this Friday at Saints Lounge. On Friday, October 30th, Saints Lounge will host JaM ; a 90’s vs 2000’s Halloween Bash brought to you by Top Flight Promotions. Ahead of the event, the owner of Top Flight Promotions, Cameron Birdman, stops by the podcast to share his story. Cameron, aka Bird, gives insights on the nightlife scene in Okc. He also explains how he began his career, and what sets him apart from other promoters. Bird is originally from Dallas, Texas but attended high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He started Top Flight Promotions in 2007 and began throwing parties in high school. He quickly made a name for himself and continued to progress with each party. After moving to Oklahoma City, he began to network and throw parties in Okc as well. He is now known for his packed out events that have a fun yet unique vibe. However, promoting clubs is not all fun and games and Bird discloses hardships he faced with the business aspects of promoting. He reveals what really happened when he brought Nipsey Hussle to Okc and the lessons he learned. He also details how Covid-19 affected his business. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Bird is still throwing sold out parties and vows to give patrons memories that will exceed their expectations. He goes above and beyond for his customers by not only providing excellent customer service but also giving gifts for people who buy sections as well. Bird is amazing at visual marketing, networking, and promoting. JaM 4 is sure to be an event that you do not want to miss. For more details on JaM 4 or to find out about upcoming events, you can follow him on Instagram @Mrtopflight or on Facebook: Cameron Birdman.

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