Episode 161 features Chris Day of Hank’s K3wl Cooking Food Truck. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Turkey Man himself stops by to chat with Brandy about his journey to entrepreneurship. Chris states he always had a hustler’s mindset, and his love for cooking began at an early age. He started helping his father in the kitchen at age 7. Chris explains he began to fuel his passion for cooking after high school when he began selling plates and his infamous cookies. After making a name for himself, he shares how the pandemic sparked his creativity which ultimately led to Hanks K3wl Cooking Food Truck. He is known throughout Oklahoma City for his decadent stuffed turkey legs that fall off the bone! Hank’s has only been in business for a few months, but he is in extremely high demand. His story is beyond inspiring and a testament to his strong business acumen. Hank’s is not only known for their delicious food, but also amazing customer service. Chris has a strong desire to succeed and shares he would eventually like to diversify Oklahoma City’s restaurant options by bringing something new and unique to the city. He has remained humble despite his blossoming success and strives to give back to the community. In order to show their appreciation; Hank’s K3wl Cooking will host Hanks Giving. They will be giving out FREE turkey legs this Friday 11/27 at 2pm at  Ebenezer Baptist Church 36000 N Kelley Ave, Okc, OK. Come out and show support! For more events, catering or food truck locations follow on Facebook at Hank’s K3wl Cooking Food Truck or on Instagram @hanksk3wlcooking. 

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