EP162: Mayes XIV (Blessings To The Game)

Blessings to More Life.

Blessings to Health and being Covid free. A lot of people did not make it this year and its unfortunate.

Blessings to The Podcast.

Blessings to my guests.

I’m thankful for my guests coming out and giving The Game which is uncommon information. Thank you for not withholding The Game from their people. My guests show that it is possible to achieve your dreams. You are looking at a man that is walking with God and is doing God’s work. I put the work in for three years straight to get to this point. When you do God’s work; the gift will attract people who are also gifted. That is why beautiful minds come talk on the podcast so willingly, because they see the work. You must put the work in; nobody is here to save you. When you put the work in, God will put people in your life who support the vision and it will scare people off who are too scared to tap into their own gifts .People don’t support people; they support the vision.  I genuinely am appreciative for all the support. Thank you for the support, listen and views. I know there is so much going on in the world pulling your attention from every way. That is why I never say, “Go listen to the podcast”, because I know there is so much that people have going on. That is why I am so grateful when people chose to listen and support. Protect your energy and be safe. Blessings to The Game.


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