Episode 145 features Stuart Woods; Brandy’s barber and friend. Stuart is a successful business owner who wears many hats. He stops by to chat regarding his road to entrepreneurship and how he juggles owning a business and coaching his little league football team.

Stuart is from the Eastside of Oklahoma City but graduated from Midwest City High School. He shares how life was growing up and his involvement in playing sports. His love for sports led him to start coaching little league six years ago. He now oversees and coaches one of the top little league programs in Oklahoma City called Oklahoma United Elite Sports Association. Oklahoma United Elite is a non-profit youth football organization that is “focused on teaching and developing skills and fundamentals of football and basketball while focusing on the importance of teamwork while fostering good sportsmanship”. The league gives kids whose ages range from 3-11 the opportunity to play football and compete at an elite level. Stuart gives the listeners insights on how he manages his busy schedule and prepares for game day. By listening to the episode, it is evident that Stuart has a strong passion for being a positive impact on today’s youth. He expresses the importance of connecting with players and being a guiding light to help lead them in the right direction. He strives to not only be a coach but to instill high values in his players as well.

Stuart also divulges that he has recently taken over ownership at his shop, Fades R Us. Stuart is a master barber who takes pride in his craft. His open personality and impeccable people skills set him apart from other barbers. He gives the full story of the journey of his career and credits his keen sense of business acumen to his family. Stuart is a firm believer in taking advantage of opportunities and having the courage to pursue your dreams. He is extremely influential to the players he coaches and to his customers as well. He states that “hard work and dedication is what I am all about.” His current success is a clear distinction that his hard work and dedication is paying off.

Fades R Us Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/StuDaPeoplesBarber/Oklahoma United Elite Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TBE2020/

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