Interviewing the streets got me, a college dropout, back to OSU. A college I dropped out of called me back with no degree. They called me back for something I created. It was the  first hip hop act to touch the new auditorium. Everything  came back full circle. Be all you can be! If you’re not being all you can be,you’re fronting on yourself right now. Now is  a time where the world is not going to let you down. The reward  from being all you can is sweet right now. The city will support you if they see you are serious and see you being all you can be. Stop putting the idea on hold and start today. Things  won’t always be as sweet as it is right now. The individual mindset will get you nowhere. Rough times are coming; digital currency is coming. The robots aren’t coming, they are here. The world is changing. Stop being so easily distracted, focus on what you need to do to get to the next level. Whatever you do; don’t stop creating. Cheers To The Game.

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