EP164: The 3rd Return Of Chop Chop: Seasoned Part II

A Shot of Brandy Podcast closes out the year with a very special guest and friend of the pod, Chop Chop. This is Chop’s third appearance on the show, and we are honored to have him back. He provides a detailed update on his store and lifestyle brand called Seasoned Clothing and Apparel. Seasoned is very in tune with the culture and the brand has exploded since his last appearance. Chop shares that despite the pandemic, Seasoned continues to grow and flourish. They were able to stay successful by releasing exclusive drops online during the quarantine. Chop not only is the creator behind the fuel that propels his brand, but he also assists other brands by helping them achieve their vision. Chop discloses the keys behind his success and how Seasoned remains  the hottest hip-hop apparel and lifestyle brand in Oklahoma City. He shares what is next for Seasoned as they further expand their brand and products. They now are offering candles with a hip-hop theme that smell amazing. Also, be on the lookout for their exclusive drop for their upcoming Holiday Collection. Be sure to purchase your items when they are available because the Holiday Collection will be a limited release. Chop has elevated the Seasoned brand to higher heights, and we cannot wait to see what flavor they cook up for 2021.

Facebook: Seasoned Clothing and Apparel

Instagram: @seasonedapparel @seasonedclothingokc

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