EP78: Angelica Peterson

Angelica Peterson didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do after high school, but she knew that she didn’t want to be told what to do. She wanted to be her own boss. The local business owner completed certifications in cosmetology, earned her stripes as a cosmetologist in Dallas, and recently opened a physical location for the One Angelic Salon brand. Angelica wouldn’t call herself a stylist or even just a cosmetologist, she’s also helping her clients unlock their hair issues through building genuine relationships. The wife and mother talks to Brandy about her own hair journey with experiencing hair loss as early as five years old, being diagnosed with alopecia, ditching prescribed products to develop her own hair restoration regimen, and deciding to publicly shave her hair bald. The two talk about beard facials, natural skin care products, how to detect a wig, and things to come for the One Angelic brand.

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