Episode 177 is penthouse talk with Zie and was recorded live in Las Vegas. Zie is a rapper and friend of the show. He was an early supporter of the podcast and was first featured in episode 25. Zie returns to catch up with Brandy about his life since relocating from Oklahoma City to Las Vegas. This is a lighthearted episode as the two chat about Covid-19, life in Vegas, and the question that is on everyone’s mind…when will Eat 4 drop? Zie shares that he is actively recording new music and networking. Despite the pandemic, he recently performed in Los Angeles and is working with new producers in Miami. His new song with Chazzy Kaidd is featured in this episode. Zie’s flow is incomparable and he has the remarkable ability to make music that is relatable yet catchy. Zie is aware that the streets are anticipating new music and he teases of new projects that will drop later this year. Aside from the music, Zie is also working hard to expand the Eat brand with new clothing, stickers, rolling papers, and more. Eat stands for eliminate all troubles. It is the motto that goes beyond the brand and the music; it is a mindset. Zie inspires us all to stay hungry and eat. You can eliminate all troubles by remaining focused on your goals. Zie definitely deserves our unwavering support as he continues to make major moves. His music is available on all streaming platforms and you can purchase Eat apparel and merchandise on www.elimatealltroubles.com.

Instagram: @eliminatealltroubles @zieokc

Music Featured In This Episode:

0:00- 4:05 am

2:50- Like It Or Not

24:00- Drastic- Chazzy Kaidd ft. Zie

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