EP183: Dr. View Pt. 4

Episode 183 features the incomparable Dr. Stevie Johnson, also known as Dr. View. It was recorded live in the mountains of Osage Hills, Oklahoma at Wild Mountain Studios. Dr. View took a break from the live production of his next album called TIDY, to chat with Brandy. A Shot of Brandy Podcast has been honored to chronicle Dr. View’s journey throughout his career, as this is his fourth appearance on the show. The hype is building up for the highly anticipated Fire in Little Africa release. Fire in Little Africa is a compilation album executively produced by Dr. View that commemorates the Tulsa Race Massacre centennial. Dr. View shares how the project divinely came into fruition which ultimately led to a licensing deal with Motown Records. The Fire in Little Africa album’s publicist is Yvette Noel-Schure and she just so happens to be Beyonce Knowles- Carter’s publicist as well. This has put Oklahoma artists on a national stage and garnered much-deserved media attention. None of this would have been possible without the ultimate facilitator, Dr. View. This is a monumental moment for Oklahoma hip-hop, and we are all witnessing history in the making. Dr. View’s selflessness, humility, and drive are unrivaled.  The production sounds like a movie score and takes listeners on a musical journey.  Dr. View explains that this is what walking in your purpose looks like and it is obvious that his steps are ordered. We can all learn from Dr. View and he drops many gems in this episode. His career has been remarkable so far and there is even more greatness to come as he continues to build his legacy. Fire in Little Africa will be released on May 28th and the TIDY album will drop this summer. Congratulations to Dr. View and all the artists featured on Fire in Little Africa. Everything is us.

Music Featured in This Episode:

0:00-  93 Rockets | 88 Compton by Dr. View Feat. Soufwessdes, Thomas Who? & St. Domonick

3:43- Dopeman (Interlude) by St. Domonick & Dr. View

5:31- Makin’ ‘Em Mad by Dr. View Feat. Jacobi Ryan

1:02:38- Shining by Steph Simon and Dialtone Feat. Ayilla and Jerica

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