EP185: The Return of Nayborhood Barbie

Episode 185 features the return of the biggest, Nayborhood Barbie. Nayborhood Barbie stops by to chat with Brandy regarding what she’s been up to since first appearing on the show last year. It is difficult to fathom that she has only been rapping for one year because she is running circles around the competition. But honestly, who is competing with Nayborhood Barbie? She is definitely on top of her game and living up to her album title, The Biggest.  From the sold-out album release party, weekly booked shows, and album that has zero skips, Nayborhood Barbie has built quite the buzz for herself. It is evident that she has the tenacity to rise to the top due to her perseverance and constant pursuit to hone her craft. Nayborhood Barbie exudes star quality and explains how she remains humble yet confident. She also teases that she has something planned for the summer and reveals the context behind some of her “softer” music. Whether she is making an Okc anthem like I-35, a banger for the streets like Commandments, or something for the sneaky links like On the Low, Nayborhood Barbie truly has music that is relatable to everyone.  She has a commanding presence on the mic and on stage, witty bars, and sex appeal. Nayborhood Barbie is the total package. Brandy was lucky enough to preview her new single called Hellcat. It is featured on the show and available on all streaming platforms now. Nayborhood Barbie states, “I ran my course, but I feel like it’s time.” It is Nayborhood Barbie’s time indeed. Be on the lookout for new music dropping soon!

Music Featured in This Episode:

0:06- Free Vito & Mikey (Intro)

1:45- I-35

3:13- Main Attraction

42:58- Hellcat

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