A Shot of Brandy Podcast prides itself on introducing the audience to new artists. Episode 186 features up-and-coming rapper Lil Reeze B, who recently joined Mozzy’s Hellgang. In this interview, we get to know the artist behind the aggressive yet captivating music. Lil Reeze B is from Midwest City, OK but currently lives in California. He shares that he became active in the streets at an early age. Surprisingly, he just started rapping and taking it seriously last year. However, Lil Reeze B’s talent is blatant on each track and he has the uncanny ability to rap fiercely while being charismatic. His music mirrors his reality and is street music in its purest form. His bars are witty, and his punch lines hit hard. Whether rapping fast-paced or slow, his flow is undeniable. With song titles such as Don’t Be Scared, Set It Off, and Savage, it clear that it is intended for mature audiences only. He has already released two projects titled Bxttxm Bxy Volume 1 and Aktivities. He has his foot on the gas and is dropping a new project soon. He hopes to release at least 10 this year! In the song My Street, Lil Reeze B states “Lil Reeze B, the sickest, the illest, the roughest, the rawest.” With one listen, you will find that those lyrics are true. Lil Reeze B’s music is available on all streaming platforms and lookout for new music dropping soon.

Instagram: @hellgangreezeb

Music Featured in This Episode:

0:00- The Rundown

1:59- The 4th

3:40- 4Zerofye- ft Nayborhood Barbie

18:38- Katch A Opp

37:33- My Street

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