Episode 191 is the start of the Tidy Series. A Shot of Brandy Podcast was on location at Dr. View’s Tidy Retreat and had the opportunity to conduct exclusive interviews with artists involved with the project. First up is Trip G; a talented rapper and producer from Oklahoma City. His punchlines are clever, and his flow effortlessly rides over any beat. He spits with supreme confidence on the mic which prompts Brandy to pose the question “Does Trip G have a chip on his shoulder?” Trip explains why he feels he has something to prove and the journey of his career.  He shares that he began rapping at 14 and how he put the work in to improve and find his sound. Trip G’s skills are evidence that he is a force to be reckoned with in the Oklahoma music scene. His new single Throw It was just released, and his new EP will be out soon. You can also catch Trip G performing live this Saturday, July 17, at Studio 30 in Tulsa. For more information, you can follow Trip G on Instagram @Tripgofficial. His music is available on all streaming platforms so after you enjoy this episode, go take a listen.

Music Featured in This Episode

 0:00 Sippin on Tron (feat. Cortez)2:52 Don 

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