This week’s Texas edition of the podcast features rising rap star, Black Pat. Black Pat’s magnetic energy can be felt through his music and by everyone he encounters.  Black Pat and Brandy light-heartedly chat regarding his childhood growing up in Desoto, TX. As a preacher’s kid, Black Pat was heavily influenced by his church roots. His late older brother Phineo also influenced him musically but also as a person overall.  Musically, Kanye West, who helped give him the courage to be authentic to his true self, inspired him. Black Pat began his music career in high school. He formed a group with friends called L7. Shortly after his high school football dreams were derailed, he broke out as a solo artist. His first mixtape Late Night Thoughts was hosted by 97.9 The Beat’s J. Kruz. From there he quickly rose to become one of Dallas’ most popular artists and was booked in Atlanta and New York City. Black Pat is a man of many talents and discusses his other ventures such as throwing parties, his podcast and YouTube channel.  Black Pat’s story details one where passion meets opportunity. He states, “I can do all things I hustle for” and his actions confirm that he is a true hustler in regards to his music. His music expresses vulnerability, and his witty lyrics invoke emotion that connects to the audience. He also discusses the life events that encouraged him to write his newest project entitled Alicia’s Playlist, which will be released soon. Black Pat is a gifted artist who will be taking his talents to Los Angeles, CA. He is definitely one to watch as he takes the music industry by storm. You can follow Black Pat’s road to fame by viewing his blogs on his Youtube channel:

IG: @Blackpatkid

Music featured in this episode:

0:00- Hustle

56:51- Don’t Be Lame

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