This week’s show is a special episode and focuses on health. Brandy interviews his friend and former colleague, Rhyno Garden, aka Ryan B. Rhyno openly shares his medical struggles and how being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes drastically changed his life. He goes into depth about his diabetes as well as his heart and lung issues. Diabetes is prevalent in the African- American community. African Americans have a 50% chance of developing diabetes, and it often goes undiagnosed. Rhyno went undiagnosed, which resulted in him later losing part of his foot. He details learning how to walk again and how he remained positive during this difficult time. Rhyno also explains his 5 am dialysis treatments that he completes three times a week.  On top of all of this, Rhyno also had a near-death experience from a fall. He tells the story of what occurred due to not receiving treatment after falling. Despite Rhyno’s health issues, he is still optimistic and is living life to the fullest. He received the nickname Rhyno because he was a beast at work. However, his tenacity and endurance show he is a beast in his personal life as well. He is the definition of an overcomer and is blessed regardless of his condition. Rhyno’s story is truly inspiring and demonstrates how to avoid letting obstacles in life weigh you down. It also serves as a reminder to make your health a priority and not take it for granted.

Music Featured in This Episode:0:00 Refuse To Lose- Brotha Lynch Hung1:36:01 Brother- Munchie B

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