EP21: Ciara Amir

Ciara Amir is a pillar within Oklahoma City’s beauty market. She tells Brandy about the chance encounter that launched her career in the beauty industry taking her from dishing on her lip color to a fellow customer, to owning her own makeup and brow studio. Of course, none of this happened overnight or without a ton of drive. Ciara opens up about not applying herself in high school, the moment she realized that she had to bet it all on herself, and developing her soft-glam style of makeup artistry. From reality TV’s influence on makeup trends, to the general lack of sales she offers for her services, Ciara breaks down some insider knowledge on flourishing within the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Spoiler alert: it takes hustle. Even as a makeup artist, though, Ciara loves to celebrate the natural beauty within every woman. With so many sources telling women to change, Ciara’s focusing on illuminating what’s already there.


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