EP104: Kevin Cheatham Pt.3 w/ Friends

What happens when you combine a mansion, alcohol, nine men and two mics? An epic conversation!

This week’s episode was filmed live in Scottsdale, Arizona while celebrating Kevin Cheatham’s bachelor party. Kevin is Brandy’s best friend and no stranger to the show.  Taking a cue from Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, Brandy uses this opportunity to have an open and honest dialogue with the groom and groomsmen.  Kevin opens up regarding life in NYC, his upcoming nuptials and his future goals.  The men share their growth and challenges they have all overcome since high school and college.  This episode is unique: grown men vibing and  chatting about life changes such as marriage, kids, parenting styles, finances and their careers. A theme of the episode is valuable time. Time is a valuable commodity and of the essence.  The episode celebrates strong friendships and the memories that will last for a lifetime. In a society that often honors toxic masculinity; it is refreshing to see a group of men express genuine love. They also disclose a few of the bachelor party shenanigans but what happens in Scottsdale stays in Scottsdale.

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