A Shot of Brandy Podcast continues the summer season with another blazing show. Episode 223 features artist and business owner D. Wright. D. Wright and Brandy cover a variety of topics, including growing up in OKC, values instilled from family and OKC music history. They also chat about the state of music in OKC today, social media, an alkaline diet, and more. D. Wright reveals that he has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and utilized it to generate multiple income streams. He says he is “really an artist and not just a rapper.” This is true; D. Wright is a talented designer, director, husband, and father. He is well-rounded and has a keen sense of business acumen. Influenced by his dad, who also rapped, D. Wright began rapping and making beats at 12. His music is versatile and has a confident flow that commands respect. His wordplay will make you think, but he also has songs to ride to as well. He has since evolved into shooting and editing videos, creating an apparel line for his own merchandise, and starting his own design company, Lyfe Media 405. D. Wright firmly believes in creating from the heart and giving your all. It is evident in his work ethic and is depicted in his music too. D. Wright is determined to be successful and is well on his way to the top. Be sure to check out this inspiring episode. After listening, stream D. Wright’s music which is available on all streaming platforms. You can also contact Lyfe Media 405 for videos, logos, photography, graphic designs, and more.
Instagram: @d.wright405 @lyfemedia405
Music in This Episode:1:10:10- Fruits of My Labor- D.Wright

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