EP234: Dr. View Pt.6

A Shot of Brandy Podcast kicks off the summer season with pure heat. This exclusive interview welcomes the return of Dr. View for his sixth appearance on the show. Dr. View states he is not a producer, but a composer, who refuses to compromise art. With his innate ability to create fresh, innovative, and smooth music, he has become a prolific artist who continually sets precedence. He emphasizes the importance of being a fan of the artists he works with, as it allows him to build relationships and draw out their best work, resulting in masterpieces.  Dr. View shares he was selected as one of 20 individuals for the prestigious Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellowship at Harvard’s Boston University. He even fundraised to curate an epic performance for the fellowship and details the experience. He also discloses that despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, he signed a deal with Motown and worked on a documentary for Oprah Winfrey’s Network. Dr. View has exciting new projects on the horizon, including collaborations with K.O, Thomas Who?, Beaty, and the Space Program. He reveals that the long awaited TIDY album will be released on Mother’s Day 2024! He also discusses his new position as the Assistant Professor of Creative Practice in Popular Music at Ohio State University. This episode provides an in-depth look into the creative genius of Dr. View, so be sure to tune in.

Music Featured in this Episode:

0:00- Unreleased Instrumentals

8:42-  I’m Him Dr. View (feat. 40wayMJ & think.progress)

11:22- Take You (feat. Akeem Ali)

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