EP239: Rahman Byrd

Episode 239 of A Shot of Brandy Podcast dives into the inspiring journey of Rahman Byrd, also known as Raw Rock, hailing from Hollis, Oklahoma. Rahman shares his upbringing in a tight-knit small town and the unwavering support he received from his community. His path led him to Oklahoma City through a track and field scholarship at Oklahoma Baptist University, where he achieved the impressive title of All American. Now, as the Vice President of Operations for the wildly popular gaming company Trap Spelling Bee, Rahman’s achievements continue to soar, boasting over a million dollars in sales and earning notable recognition, including features on T Pain’s podcast and celebrity endorsements from the likes of Snoop Dogg and Chance the Rapper. With an astonishing output of weekly videos across social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, Rahman effortlessly demonstrates his creative prowess in supporting the Trap Spelling Bee brand and strategic product placement. The brand’s recognition extends to being featured in Black Enterprise Magazine. Rahman provides insights into the inner workings of the creative process that drives Trap Spelling Bee’s massive success, with staggering statistics like 1.5 million views within a single week, consistently achieving viral status. He delves into the core of his strong work ethic, underlining his responsibilities and highlighting the key to their triumph – his dynamic partnership with CEO Demarco Robinson. What sets Trap Spelling Bee apart from the rest is their authentic fun, deeply embedded in the culture. Enjoy the episode and tap in with Trap Spelling Bee for your game night entertainment and hilarious content.

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