Dexter Combs is no show off. Yet, he’s travelled the world, earned an engineering degree, completed multiple high profile internships, earned an MBA from Rice University, helped start an investment club among other business leaders, and is working on new ventures that he, of course, hasn’t even spoken on yet. For Dex, visiting the heartbreaking site of Auschwitz in Poland, achieving multiple promotions within two years at a new company, living at a beachfront while working in San Diego, or studying abroad in Germany are not the types of things he flaunts for people to see. These are the types of victories he deeply appreciates, but understands their motivations to be personal, driven, not by the public, but for the future he is actively building. Brandy visits Tulsa to talk to his childhood friend about his life, his family, ownership, gaining knowledge, relationships, investing, and the American tax system.

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