EP50: Mayes IV (The Kid That Did)

Thank you for the support, the listens, and the shares. Thank you to all my guests who came out and shared their stories with me. I’m forever grateful. With the climate we live in, shortened attention spans, and information coming from everywhere, I don’t take the support for granted.

To the black women who didn’t even know me, yet still came out and trusted me with your stories – you are all so beautiful and intelligent and I thank you.
I remember the days when they made fun of my name. Now I’m putting it in they face weekly as a brand that’s pumping knowledge, positive energy, and inspiration into the community. I’ve always been my biggest fan and it feels good to stay true to self. I’m thankful.

Thank you to Master Teacher Javonne Clark out in Durham, NC. Thank you for Bears and Bubbles. I was opened up to so many things I never realized I was capable of through your teaching. This is what it looks like when you cut all negative energy around you and focus, solely, on getting better.
I set out to do 50 episodes – with black guests, telling stories about black people, and giving people a chance to hear stories of black creativity, excellence, struggle, overcoming, and flourishing. I proved to myself I could do it, by actually doing it.

As I continue on, it’s getting harder to book guests, especially black men. Some people just won’t commit to their yes or their no. I’ll say this: if you don’t want to do something, just say no. Giving the run around or flaking out on your commitments undermines your character. If I reach out to you, it’s out of respect for something you’re doing, saying, impacting, or building. To be honest, I lost respect for some of these men, especially. I can tell the real from the fake. An obstruction is not the same as an excuse, so regardless, I’ll press on with more creativity, better ideas, and more diverse stories – holding us accountable every step of the way.

I want the best for black people, even when we don’t want it for ourselves. All around – you, me, us – let’s get better, let’s get best.
Pure. Positive. Energy. That’s what I spread and that’s what I get back. I’ve always created, so it feels good to create something that the people enjoy. I’m already creating my next creation.

Thank You, OKC.

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