EP246: Cameron Smotherman

Episode 246 of A Shot of Brandy Podcast features Cam Smotherman. In this empowering podcast episode, the entrepreneur, clothing brand owner, and owner of Fade Palace, shares his inspirational journey. From growing up fast on the North side of Oklahoma City to becoming a father at a young age, Cam openly discloses it all. Tune in as he discusses overcoming loss, pursuing dreams, and carving a path to become a professional barber with his brand, Fade Palace. Cam’s story takes unexpected turns as he delves into a lifestyle change by embracing veganism and using fitness as therapy.¬† This led him to adding physical training to his portfolio. Despite facing obstacles, including a hip injury and subsequent surgery, Cam’s resilience shines through. Nipsey Hussle’s influence sparks Cam’s venture into the fashion world with his clothing brand, Cash Addicts Movement.¬†Consistency, ambition, and morals are principles Cam stands on and the meaning behind the brand. Get insights into Cam’s creative mind, his innate sense of fashion, and the story behind the brand’s logo. It was crafted by Jorge Peniche, a graphic designer from Nipsey Hussle’s team. As the episode unfolds, Cam shares his plans for the future, revealing big aspirations to expand Cash Addicts Movement with fire new drops in 2024. This episode is a testament to growth, empowerment, and the resilience of an individual who triumphantly turned life’s challenges into a journey of success.

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