EP247: Nicole Jocleen pt.5

In Episode 247 of A Shot of Brandy Podcast, we are honored to welcome back the goat, Nicole Jocleen. Nicole is an extraordinary award-winning author and screenwriter, whose passion and creativity have earned her well-deserved recognition. Nicole shares her inspiring journey since her first appearance on the podcast in 2017, celebrating her recent accomplishment as the 2023 Great Plains Journalism Award Winner.

As a talented storyteller, Nicole served as the producer of the acclaimed film “Riding Legacy: An Oklahoma Black Cowboy Story,” showcasing her exceptional ability to bring narratives to life with vivid imagery. She delves into the impact of this documentary on Oklahoma’s rich history and the overwhelmingly positive reception it has garnered from both audiences and critics alike.

Nicole’s unwavering commitment to portraying the depth and influence of black culture in Oklahoma shines through in her work. She discusses the challenges and triumphs of obtaining licensing for the film’s music, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in storytelling.

In their conversation, Nicole opens up about recent projects and her strategic efforts to expand her reach by participating in film festivals. As a creative force, she reflects on the profound significance of this moment in her career, sharing how it feels to receive her flowers. We acknowledge her impactful contributions to the world of storytelling and she is sure to accomplish her goal of  achieving Hollywood recognition.

Join us as we celebrate Nicole’s remarkable talent, passion, and dedication to her craft, and gain insight into her upcoming projects, including a script for the TIDY project with Dr. View. She also reveals more details on unreleased projects appearing on Tubi. Nicole Jocleen is not only a gifted writer but also an amazing storyteller who deserves all the recognition and praise for her incomparable work.

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