EP29: Ta’Chelle Jones

Brandy kicks off the new year with his girlfriend, right before her birthday. Ta’Chelle claims the Eastside of OKC (29th & Lincoln to be exact), but has moved all over the state and parts of Texas. She shares her experiences at the University of Oklahoma – pursuing a journalism degree, joining the ultimate sorority, finding her place on campus, and going back to earn a Masters in Human Resource Development. The two recall how they met, even if the stories are a bit different. From excuses, to exes, the two have a genuine conversation about what makes their relationship work and the experiences that have brought them together. The couple prepare to celebrate Ta’Chelle’s birthday on an epic pizza filled adventure where they’ll visit multiple cities indulging in some of the best pies in the nation. Brandy set the pace with nearly a decade of birthday tours, now he’s getting to celebrate his girl on The Pizza Party Tour.

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