EP28: Travis Singleton

He gets paid to go to Thunder Games and hasn’t missed an All Star Game since 2012. Through sponsorships and professional connections, he often trails the Thunder on the road on business. Dissecting plays, reporting off-season moves, and making pre-season predictions are all just another day in the office, except, he’s his own boss. He’s known as The Sneaker Reporter and it might sound like he has the perfect job, but Travis Singleton would tell you that he’s been blessed to pursue the things he’s passion about, but it didn’t come without hard work. Singleton is a Boston native who grew up a Celtics fan. This hasn’t changed over the years, but he’s come to appreciate the Thunder organization as family. The Sneaker Reporter sits down with Brandy to talk basketball, becoming a journalist, business ventures, family, and the legacy he’s working to leave behind. 2017 was a great year for Singleton, but you can tell the entrepreneur hasn’t peaked yet and there’s only more to come.


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